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I was born in Siberia and graduated from St. Petersburg University, fashion designer department.
I've always wanted to broadcast my aesthetics and I always did it through social media and exhibitions. 
When I was a student I already started working as a stage costume designer in the contemporary choreography band.Continued working with them after getting my degree and in parallel, I started my first fashion brand. This project quickly resonated among the world audience and celebrities. I feel good and not constrained because of it and connected to the world. This is the freedom in which I feel comfortable.

All this experience helped me to develop my brand, creative direction and photography skills and making me feel confident and independently. Also, all these acquired creative skills allowed me to work on my brand alone at the start. My team consists of 2 more people now, with who I started to work within 2020. I started creating and selling my first design things while I was at school.
I would describe my life like DIY as a lot of things are done without budget or support relying on very limited resources, locations etc. As for style I like vintage of the 90s and 00s and I always try to show it in my work.
I like when models move weird and dynamic or strictly and glamorous it's my latest mood. 
I strive to create artistic shoots, laconic simplicity of old vintage photos inspire me a lot. So I try create similar aesthetics. Modern part is added automatically as we live in this world. 
The power which guide me on my way as a creator is self exploration and self development. When you deep dive in yourself you can explore your creativity and make your art in more clear and focused way. Creativity is a reflection of yourself and to reflect it better you have to have clear vision of who you are. This is most inspiring and deep thing.

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