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I am a woman, and inside me there are different characters. After all, a woman is not only softness and tenderness. It's about all shades.
Passion, drama, happiness, love.
And all these are scenarios of my life.
Each image is a new script.

My mission is to inspire women. To accept all personalities inside.
Through spiritual practices, through the body, through my instagram art. 

I create short excerpts from non-existent films that inspire women around the world.
Women whose sexuality is not fake, and does not require confirmation from the outside. She is free, sensual, wild, outspoken. It's fascinating and she knows it.

Women, inquisitive. Those who want to learn and absorb information.

Women living out of a state of love and trust.

Women who recognize their strength and energy. Celebrating that they are women and born in this body.

Women of the new era. Who is capable of anything.

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